Meissa Hampton is an awarded actor, writer, filmmaker and an Artist in Residence at MIT in Cambridge Mass where she works with the internationally renowned Media Lab.   Her films have screened in National and International Film Festivals including the Palm Springs International FF, Montreal International FF and the Big Apple Film Fest in New York.  Her commercial and independent film performances have won ‘Best Actor’ awards from National and International festivals such as IndieFest, First Run and PictureStart Film Fests in NY and contributed to a ProMax World Gold Award for VH1s Lyrically Speaking.   She is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild and New York Women in Film and Television.  She is the Founder of the Actors Alliance for Gender Equity in Media.  She is a founding member of The Indies Lab and the Urban Artists Collective. She founded and operates A Social Cure, Inc., a non-profit organization developing outreach programs for civic-minded media.  She is Founder and Managing Director of One Pair of Shoes Pictures, a production company founded on visual media’s potential to affect positive social and cultural change.  She is an awarded and published poet whose work has been celebrated by the American Academy of Poets.  She completed her undergraduate liberal arts studies under a Ford scholarship and received a Tuch award for scholastic achievement.  She studied acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory, then continued scene study, voice work and improv at top NYC studios including the Upright Citizens Brigade.  She continued her Film and Theatre studies at Harvard and MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She has expanded from acting, writing and producing to direct her first Feature Film, “A Social Cure.”  The film documents the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa and the burgeoning potential of our technologically empowered social networks to affect positive change.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in Film, Theatre and English Literature, she continued her studies at Stella Adler Conservatory. In a continued effort to respect, hone and develop her art, she workshops weekly as a founding member of The Urban Artists Collective and consistently engages in opportunities to continue her Film,Theatre and Improv (UCB) studies in NYC and at MIT and Harvard.

Though she appreciates and avidly participates in the creative beauty of artful entertainment (relishing a comedic turn in a relationship mumblecore), she was drawn to film for its extraordinary cultural significance and commits herself to the development of social issue media focused on positive social movements.

Meissa has a deep affection for independent projects and an unwavering commitment to projects to which she has chosen to contribute. She has proven herself to be a skilled and versatile actor with a subtle style that translates flawlessly on camera. Her depth and compassion affects audiences as she intuits and enlivens the human experience with the complexity of layered humanity and the deep simplicity of honest emotion. She has an affinity for comedy and relishes the opportunity to exploit the absurd in the human experience. She is dedicated to the development of independent works yet has ideally positioned herself to exploit her commercial viability and affect an inimitable presence in the Entertainment world.

Meissa has relied on an extraordinary work ethic to help carve a place for herself in excellence. She devoted herself to funding her own education, maintained her position on the Dean’s List and was awarded for scholastic achievement. She was repeatedly awarded for her writing during her studies after working to receive a prestigious Ford Scholarship.  Her undergraduate work began with focus on her writing and film studies before she discovered her talents in the theatre.

She expanded her acting technique further at the Stella Adler studio where her professors lauded her inherent understanding of film and an artist’s work on camera. She has studied and worked in France, England and all over the US. She commands several languages, plays several musical instruments and has a strong dance and athletic background.

Meissa is an active member of NYWIFT – an organization of professional women in film, television and digital media – a champion of women’s rights.  She works loyally with the Screen Actors Guild to protect artist’s rights.  She is a founding member of the Indie’s Lab, NYC and the Urban Artists Collective, a diverse ensemble of professional actors, writers, directors and filmmakers who are driven by a commitment to artistic excellence and meet weekly to hone their crafts.

Audiences have spoken of a unique and compelling presence when Meissa is on screen. Critics and reviews have described her as “a revelation” “ the kind of talent one doesn’t come by every day” and “the type of actor you hope to see more of.” She has earned the regard of movie audiences and her peers in the film and arts community. Her inspired dedication to her art is propelling her toward an electrifying career.

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