The real revelation is the instantly endearing and adorable Meissa Hampton, who speaks volumes with her body language about her character’s nervous and sincere longing for a real connection with another human being…Meissa Hampton is the type of Actress you hope to see more of.

David H. SchleicherThe Schleicher Spin

“Every film needs a actor to appear and give the story the depth that the audience can truly feel and understand” without it you have no chance of connecting your story to the world in which we live. “Meissa gives you just that, it is as if you are sitting right next to her in every scene…that it is a beautiful gift”

Stephen DestWriter, Director – My Brother Jack (2013)

The more surprising performance that really captivates is that of Meissa Hampton. Tackling what is essentially a secondary character, Hampton ends up giving the film yet another layer of emotion even while adding in a needed levity that makes her Gabby one of the film’s most intriguing and involving characters.

Richard PropesThe Independent Critic

“Co-written with the protagonists, it is little wonder that the scenes work so well: every line—scripted or improvised—comes from the same artistic trust so buy-in from the actors is virtually guaranteed.
Both characters have established unshakeable credibility as they dig deeply into a shared catalogue of knowing looks and slight bits of business (every apparently unconscious scratch or reconfiguring of long curly locks is not coincidental) and, subliminally, establish their common vulnerability. Merci mille fois!”

James Wegg Reviews

“A fearless actress, Meissa creates haunting portrayals of characters in love and in pain. Honest and raw, nuanced and layered, her performance is unforgettable. It is a pleasure to work with her.”

Chris MessineoWriter, Director,
Off Stage Films

it was at this point that I realized I was completely taken in by Uptown as the actors play this scene beautifully… Hampton has fully immersed herself in her character…Highly recommended, Uptown boasts exceptional turns by its actors.

Jen JohansFilm Intuition

“Working with Meissa went beyond what i hoped for. She was prepared, professional and flexible. More importantly, she found depth and comedy in places I wasn’t expecting˜giving her character the richness she deserved. A very talented actor.”

John HursonWriter, Director,
False Idol Productions

such is the strength and intelligence of this film that nothing feels forced, and more importantly, everything feels real. Hampton and Riquinha are wonderful in conveying their character’s respective dilemmas…

Hampton is a revelation [as Isabel]. Hampton captures the fullness of [her character] beautifully. Perhaps at least partially owing to the fact that the two co-stars also co-wrote the script, both Riquinha and Hampton are stellar as the lost and lonely souls that they portray.

Richard PropestheIndependent Critic

“Simply one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with”

Bill HopkinsIndependent CriticPalisade FilmsStella Adler Acting Conservatory

Riqhuina and Hampton have an uneasy, yet powerfully palpable chemistry together; both should have great acting futures. In the hands of lesser talents, such mundane yet tension fueled dialogue would come off stiff and un-involving, but they give it a touching authenticity.

Daniel Cook JohnsonFilm Babble

Meissa Hampton was wonderful in the role of Isabel; she gave the character a unique style that was very enjoyable… …actors and filmmakers who can make the viewers feel that involved in a film have rare talent indeed – the kind of talent that [one] doesn’t come by every day.


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